About Us

When I was a kid growing up, my dad used to take my family camping often. We would be some where in Montana having a ball. Every time we were packing up the campsite my father would tell us, “remember we leave it better than when we got here”. Generally speaking we would make the fire pit better, leave behind extra firewood, pick up all the trash those kind of things. When I walk into each house I do my best to remember my father with the those principals in mind. I want my customers to feel like family and know how much I do care that each floor we install has been done the right way without short cuts. I was born and raised in Kalispell, Montana but my journey into the flooring industry began in Oregon with my uncle who has been installing flooring and tile for +20 years. He learned from industry leaders in California. We at Bigfoot Flooring pride ourselves in being the best in communication, quality work, and integrity. Adding new floors to a home whether new or old transforms the house into a newer more personal home and I have come to realize it is one of the biggest investments people can put into their homes. Making it even more important that it is installed properly. All of that being said we are Licensed and Insured and do free quotes. We would love to work with you and answer any question you might have, so give us a call!!!

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Licensed and Insured